Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) offers an online Master of Science in Technology – Technical Communication through its School of Engineering and Technology. The program, which is offered by the Department of Technology Leadership & Communication, can be completed 100 percent online with no required campus visits. This program features courses that prepare students for advanced work as technical writers and editors, usability specialists, content developers across diverse media, web designers, and technical communication managers and instructors.

This program is comprised of 33 credit hours that are divided into three curricular components: Core Courses (9 credits), Concentration Courses (9 credits), and Relevant Electives (12-15 credit hours). Students can choose between a Courses Only option and a Directed Project option; students who choose the Directed Project earn three course credits towards their Electives requirement, while those who choose the Courses Only option are required to take one additional elective.

The core courses in the program include Measurement and Evaluation in Industry and Technology and Advanced Project Management in Technology, followed by one of the following three courses: Quality and Productivity in Industry and Technology, Effective Workplace Technical Communication, and Mixed Methods Research. Through these core classes, students gain skills in research design and implementation, data evaluation, technical project management, project tool and template development, and quality assurance measures in the industry.

After the core courses, students take three classes (9 credit hours): Advanced Visual Technical Communication, Advanced Managing Document Quality, and Advanced Research Approaches in Technical and Professional Communication. These courses hone students’ skills in conveying complex concepts in visual formats, managing the technical communication publication process, and conducting advanced research projects in technical and professional communication. From there, students progress to their electives, which they select in consultation with their faculty advisor and according to their individual interests and professional goals. In addition to taking classes in Technical Communication, students can also take courses in Organizational Leadership, Computer Information Technology, Informatics, and other topics that are relevant to their desired course of study in technical communication management.

After students have completed the majority of their coursework, they either elect to complete a Directed Project or take one additional elective. The Directed Project is an applied research project that students complete in their area of interest, under the supervision and guidance of their faculty advisor. Students have a degree of flexibility regarding the form that their final project deliverable takes, though it must demonstrate the rigor of their research process and contribute to the field of technical communication in a meaningful way.

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Online Masters of Science in Technology - Technical Communication

Department: School of Engineering and Technology
Websites: Department and Program

Program Format
Structure: Online program with no required campus visits
Instruction Methods: Program has weekly synchronous sessions that are recorded for students who cannot attend live
Campus Visits Required: No
Program Length: Program can be completed in 2 years taking 2-3 courses per term - students who take 1-2 courses per term may take longer to complete the program
Start Dates: Fall, Spring and Summer admission

Curriculum and Graduation Requirements
Thesis Required: No
Capstone Options: Directed Project or additional course
Credits Required: 33 credits (10-11 courses)
Example Courses: Measurement and Evaluation in Industry and Technology; Advanced Project Management in Technology; Mixed Methods Research; Advanced Visual Technical Communication; Advanced Managing Document Quality; Teaching Technical and Professional Communication

Application Requirements
GPA Requirements: Minimum GPA 3.0
Testing Requirements: GRE not required - if Bachelor's degree is from a regionally accredited institution
Admission Requirements: Bachelor's degree; three letters of recommendation; statement of purpose

Tuition Costs
Estimated Tuition*: ~$13,340.25 + fees (in-state); ~$40,392 + fees (out-of-state) - out-of-state tuition may be less for students who live in states eligible for the Midwest Student Exchange Program (see website for more details)
Cost per Credit Hour: $404.25 per credit hour (in-state); $1,224 per credit hour (out-of-state)

State Authorizations: Program accepts students from all 50 states

*Estimated tuition is calculated by multiplying the cost per credit hour by the number of credits required to graduate. It does not include fees or other expenses.