Technical communication encompasses all forms of informative content that concern specialized or technical concepts, provide instructions on how to utilize a tool (whether it is a piece of equipment or an operating system), or use a significant degree of technology in their development and dissemination. Examples of technical communication include scientific research articles, instruction manuals for kitchen equipment, medication and treatment information for patients, and the user support sections of websites.'s Technical Communication Hub is your central resource for detailed information about this important and ever-evolving field, including FAQs, case studies on different types of technical communication, faculty interviews, and a detailed guide to the field.

Guide to Technical Communication

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This guide covers the depth and breadth of technical communication, including its history and role both in corporations and in consumers' everyday lives. It also includes advice for students on how to prepare for the wide variety of technical communication careers that are available in different industries.

Technical Communication Case Studies

In an effort to help students learn more about field of technical communication, complied these real-life case studies, detailing the development of actual technical communication projects. We interviewed professionals in the field about a product they helped develop, the skills it required, and the steps they took to achieve their goal.

    Usability Testing - Skills Used:
  • Research

  • Writing and Editing

  • Surveying

  • Document Design

This case study looks at the steps needed to research and develop a detailed guide to an international mountain bike race.

    Training Guide - Skills Used:
  • Collaboration

  • User Experience (UX) Research

  • Graphic Design

  • Analysis

This case study explores the creation of onboarding materials for new employees hired by a non-profit organization.

    Business Software - Skills Used:
  • Interviewing

  • Technical Writing

  • Software Testing

  • Presentation

In this case study, a technical writer is tasked with building an online tool to help employees use a new software system.

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Explore a comprehensive directory of Master's in Technical Communication programs in the United States. Research both campus and online programs by state.


Online Master's in Technical Communication Programs

Research online Master's in Technical Communication Programs offered by schools in the United States. Currently, there are 13 programs that are offered online.

Learn More About Master's in Technical Communication Programs with Our Graduate School Interview Series

To help students research Master's in Technical Communication Programs, has interviewed professors, program directors, and faculty members from the programs included in our comprehensive directory. These interviews provide candid and detailed insights on program structure, graduation requirements, faculty mentorship, advice for applying, and why students should consider these programs.

Interview with Jennifer Almjeld, Ph.D.

James Madison University

Interview with Craig Baehr, Ph.D.

Texas Tech University

Interview with James Campbell, Ph.D.

University of Central Florida

Interview with Huiling Ding, Ph.D.

North Carolina State University

Interview with Ann Hill Duin, Ph.D.

University of Minnesota

Interview with Marjorie Rush Hovde, Ph.D.

Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

Interview with Andrew Klobucar, Ph.D.

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Interview with Porter Shreve, MFA

University of San Francisco

Interview with Corinne Stavish, M.A.

Lawrence Technological University

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Browse our FAQs to find answers to your questions about technical communication graduate programs, different careers within technical communication, and more.

What is technical communication? What can you do with a master’s in technical communication?

Technical communication is a term that encompasses the strategies used to convey complex information about technical services, products, systems, or processes to targeted audiences. Individuals with an education in technical communication can find employment in information technology, health care, market research, digital publishing, human resources, public relations, business-to-business marketing, or other related fields. Read more

What is scientific communication?

Scientific communication is the process of distilling technical information about science-related topics into understandable messages and stories for public consumption. It is a field concerned with bridging the gap between scientists and the general public, and a multi-faceted form of communication that spans scientific fields such as the hard sciences, physical sciences, technology, health, environmental science, and more. Read more

Graduate certificate programs in technical writing and communication

Graduate certificate programs in technical writing and communication help prepare students for a diversity of careers in scientific, medical, technical, and research writing. Learn more about online certificate programs in this field and view sample courses in this detailed FAQ. Read more

Graduate certificate programs in science writing and communication

Learn more about the broad and diverse field of scientific communication, as well as the graduate certificate programs that prepare students for advanced roles in this expanding industry. This FAQ includes a comprehensive list of both graduate certificate programs and master's programs in the fields of science writing, science communication, and science journalism. Read more