The University of Findlay offers an online Master of Arts in Professional Communication (MAPC) through its College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. This program is designed for working professionals and focuses on teaching students advanced communication skills, including written communication, oral communication, and multimedia/digital communication strategies. The MAPC program is a good fit for both students looking to advance their careers in communication and for students looking to change careers and enter the field of communication.

This 33 credit-hour MAPC program can be completed in two years, and students can start the program in the fall, spring and summer terms. The program can be completed entirely online, with no required campus visits. The University of Findlay also offers students who are completing the program primarily online the option of taking in-person courses and applying for Teaching Assistantships if they live near Findlay, Ohio.

Students are responsible for completing 33 credit-hours of coursework, which consists of six required, three-credit classes — Introduction to Professional Communication, Ethical Development and Promotion of Organizational Culture, Persuasion and Public Opinion, Strategic Communication, Digital Media and Communication Campaigns, Communication Research Methods and Data Collection, and Leadership and Training in Organizations and Digital Spaces. Students then complete two capstone courses and nine credit-hours of electives from the program’s interdisciplinary sequences or concentrations.

The MAPC program offers a wide variety of concentrations, enabling students to tailor their course of study to their particular educational and professional goals. These interdisciplinary sequences are included below with a few example courses for each sequence.

  • Applied Linguistics: Introduction to Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, and Application of Discourse Analysis
  • Educational Technology: Curriculum and Instruction for Online Learners and Assessment, Technology Integration, and Assessment and Data-Driven Decisions for Online Learners
  • Environmental Safety and Occupational Health Management Communication: Public Policy and Communication, Organizational Theory and Behavior, and Project Management and Planning
  • Human Resource Management: Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Organizational and Human Resource Development, and Management of Human Resources
  • Interpersonal Communication: Topics in Interpersonal Communication, Topics in Team Building, and Topics in Identity Management
  • Leadership: The Leader: Facilitator of Innovation and Strategic Management, Being an Educational Leader, and Educational Leader as Change Agent
  • Marketing: Marketing Management and Planning, Seminar in Marketing and Promotion, and International Marketing
  • Persuasive Communication: Classical Rhetorical Theory, Contemporary Rhetorical Theory, and Digital Media and Composition
  • Technical Communication: Digital Media and Composition, Topics in Technical and Scientific Writing, and Writing for Alternative Academic Careers

Note: All of these sequences may not be offered fully online, so prospective M.A. students who wish to complete the program fully online are encouraged to contact the department to ensure the required courses in the sequence they are interested in are indeed available online.

To graduate from the MAPC, students are required to successfully complete and defend a capstone project or thesis. There are two types of capstone projects available to students: a professional project for those looking to work in managerial or project development roles within private organizations, or a service project for students interested in working for public and nonprofit service organizations. Alternatively, students who are considering entering academia or pursuing a Ph.D. can complete a traditional research-based thesis project.

For either option, students complete two courses: one in which they work on their proposal and receive approval for their research project, and one in which they work on, complete, and successfully defend their thesis or capstone project.

The University of Findlay is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Online Master of Arts in Professional Communication (MAPC)

Department: College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Specializations/Concentrations: Interdisciplinary Sequences in Applied Linguistics; Educational Technology; Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Management Communication; Human Resource Management; Interpersonal Communication; Leadership; Marketing; Persuasive Communication; and Technical Communication
Websites: Department and Program

Program Format
Structure: Online program with no required campus visits
Instruction Methods: Inquire with school about the online instruction methods used in the program
Campus Visits Required: No
Program Length: Program can be completed in 2 years
Start Dates: Fall, Spring and Summer admission

Curriculum and Graduation Requirements
Credits Required: 33 credit hours
Thesis Required: No
Capstone Options: Capstone or thesis project
Example Courses: Organizational Communication and Culture; Presentational Speaking; Strategic Communication; Digital Media and Communication; Communication Research Methods

Application Requirements
GPA Requirements: Minimum GPA 3.0 (Students with a GPA greater than 2.75 may be eligible for conditional admission)
Testing Requirements: GRE not required (Students should confirm with school that the GRE is no longer required before applying)
Admission Requirements: Bachelor's degree; two letters of recommendation; personal statement

Tuition Costs
Estimated Tuition*: ~$17,655 + fees
Cost per Credit Hour: $535​ per credit hour

State Authorizations: Program accepts students from all 50 states (Note: students should confirm with an admissions advisor before applying)

*Estimated tuition is calculated by multiplying the cost per credit hour by the number of credits required to graduate. It does not include fees or other expenses.