is committed to exploring every facet of the field of communication, from communication scholarship to journalism, marketing, public relations, political communication, and more. In addition, we are constantly researching the best practices in communication and how current and prospective students and professionals in the field can set themselves up for success. To achieve this aim, we have an extensive section with feature articles that contain advice for students on topics such as how to enter and excel in a particular field of communication, how to create a compelling application for graduate programs, how to develop a strong digital portfolio, and how to make the most of one’s graduate degree program in communication.

As part of our research for these articles, we interview experts who provide their candid insights and recommendations for students and communication professionals. These interviews are provided in full below for students and professionals interested in learning more about various aspects of the field of communication.

Interview with B. Rich, MFA – DePaul University

Professor B. Rich, who teaches the Portfolio course in the Master of Arts in Digital Communication and Media Arts program at DePaul University, offers insights and advice about creating a digital portfolio, and discusses the process, the various platforms, and the digital tools his students use to create a professional communication portfolio.

Interview with Heidi Harris, Ph.D. – University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Dr. Heidi Harris is the Graduate Coordinator for the Department of Rhetoric and Writing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where she advises all students in the program, oversees curriculum updates, and supports faculty.

Interview with Jeanine Turner, Ph.D. – Georgetown University

Dr. Jeanine Turner, Associate Professor in the Master of Arts in Communication, Culture, and Technology program at Georgetown University discusses the components of a strong digital portfolio and provides guidance and advice on the portfolio creation process.

Interview with Renee Robinson, Ph.D. and Ruth Tsuria, Ph.D. – Seton Hall University

An interview with Professors Renee Robinson, PhD and Ruth Tsuria, PhD, from Seton Hall University’s Master of Arts in Communication program. Dr. Robinson and Dr. Tsuria discuss the pedagogy behind the Communication Portfolio course they created for the graduate program, and provide insight into the components of a digital communication portfolio project.

Dr. Robinson and Dr. Tsuria also elaborate upon how students can individualize their portfolio and its constituent artifacts to meet their professional goals, and provide examples of projects that their students have leveraged to advance their careers.

Interview with Sydney Dillard, Ph.D. – DePaul University

Dr. Sydney Dillard is the Academic Director of the Master of Arts in Public Relations and Advertising program at DePaul University, where she oversees the program’s curriculum, advises students, and supports students both in developing their professional portfolios and in their research endeavors.