In addition to master’s in communication programs, there are a number of related degree programs that may be of interest to students. These programs range from those that have very similar or overlapping coursework, such as master’s in journalism, master’s in media studies, and master’s in public relations programs, to those that have some coursework in advanced communication but are also distinct, such as master’s in international affairs, master’s in visual design/communication, and master’s in film and media arts programs. To help students better understand which degree programs best match their career goals and academic interests, we have created pages for several related degree programs. However, at this time, we do not have a comprehensive directory of schools that offer these programs, as they are not master’s in communication programs.

In addition, we have also created pages for doctoral programs in communication, mass communication, and rhetoric, and for bachelor’s in communication programs for students interested in learning more about these programs. However, we do not have comprehensive lists of programs for these degrees at this time.

Note: Some programs that are not defined as master’s in communication programs may overlap significantly with programs in our master’s in communication directories. For example, a master’s in journalism with a specialization in integrated marketing communication, which would not be featured in our directories, may have close to equivalent coursework when compared to a master’s in integrated marketing communication program, which would be included in our directories. Similarly, a master’s in strategic communication program may be very similar to a master’s in public relations with a focus in strategic communication, but the latter would not be in our databases because it is not strictly defined as a master’s in communication program. Students should be aware of the similarities and distinctions between these graduate programs so that they can make the best decision for their individual interests and objectives.

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