In addition to master’s in communication programs, there are a number of related degree programs that may be of interest to students. These programs range from those that have very similar or overlapping coursework, such as master’s in journalism, master’s in media studies, and master’s in public relations programs, to those that have some coursework in advanced communication but are also distinct, such as master’s in international affairs, master’s in visual design/communication, and master’s in film and media arts programs. To help students better understand which degree programs best match their career goals and academic interests, we have created pages for several related degree programs. However, at this time, we do not have a comprehensive directory of schools that offer these programs, as they are not master’s in communication programs.

In addition, we have also created pages for doctoral programs in communication, mass communication, and rhetoric, and for bachelor’s in communication programs for students interested in learning more about these programs. However, we do not have comprehensive lists of programs for these degrees at this time.

Note: Some programs that are not defined as master’s in communication programs may overlap significantly with programs in our master’s in communication directories. For example, a master’s in journalism with a specialization in integrated marketing communication, which would not be featured in our directories, may have close to equivalent coursework when compared to a master’s in integrated marketing communication program, which would be included in our directories. Similarly, a master’s in strategic communication program may be very similar to a master’s in public relations with a focus in strategic communication, but the latter would not be in our databases because it is not strictly defined as a master’s in communication program. Students should be aware of the similarities and distinctions between these graduate programs so that they can make the best decision for their individual interests and objectives.

Bachelor's Degree Programs:

Bachelor’s in Communication

The bachelor’s in communication introduces students to communication theory and strategic communication techniques, preparing them for careers in industries ranging from public relations to media and entertainment.

Bachelor’s in Digital Media

Bachelor’s degree programs in digital media blend study of graphic design and communication with hands-on instruction in media production, preparing students for careers in digital marketing, web design, software development, entertainment, and more.

Bachelor’s in Marketing

Bachelor’s degrees in marketing and digital marketing provide students with a working knowledge of today’s technologically driven, web-based marketplace, covering topics such as market research and strategy, data analysis, advertising, social media, and more.

Bachelor’s in Mass Communication

The bachelor’s in mass communication blends the study of the principles of communication with strategic skill development in media creation, preparing students for careers in modern media, such as television and film, broadcasting, advertising, and public relations.

Bachelor’s in Technical Communication

Bachelor’s degrees in technical communication and writing provide students with a strong foundation in digital literacy, as well as practical writing, editing, and document creation skills, preparing them for careers in information technology, engineering, government, and more.

Master's Degree Programs:

Master of Fine Arts in Media Arts

The MFA in media and digital arts introduces students to advanced concepts in art and technology, along with hands-on work in studios and workshops to prepare them for careers as artists across the digital media spectrum.

Master’s in Business Analytics

Master’s degree programs in business analytics teach students how to transform data into actionable business intelligence, focusing on topics such as statistical analysis and data mining, information visualization, strategic decision making, project management, and more.

Master’s in Creative Writing

Master’s degree programs in creative writing help students hone their professional writing skills in areas ranging from fiction to poetry, by offering multidisciplinary instruction in rhetoric, literature, storytelling, and more.

Master’s in Design Management

Master’s in design management programs offer students a multi-disciplinary education in business practices and design principles, preparing them to develop new, efficient approaches to product design, development, and launch plans.

Master’s in Digital Marketing

Master’s degree programs in digital marketing help prepare students for marketing’s increasing shift toward digital platforms, with a focus on content strategy, social media, web analytics, consumer behavior, search engine optimization, and more.

Master’s in Digital Media

The master’s in digital media provides students with an advanced understanding of the core concepts and artistic techniques in interactive design and visual language, preparing them for career opportunities across the digital media industry.

Master’s in English

The M.A. in English teaches students about advanced concepts in literary, composition, and rhetorical theory that can be applied to future studies at the doctoral level or in professional fields such as marketing, journalism, or publishing.

Master’s in International Affairs and International Relations

Students in master’s programs in international affairs and international relations take classes in the fundamentals of international relations and global policy, global development, public media and diplomacy, and international and global communication.

Master’s in International Business

Master’s degree programs in international business teach students about the contextual nuances of today’s global marketplace, while expanding their knowledge of business, finance, legislation, politics, marketing, communications, and more.

Master’s in Journalism

The master’s in journalism introduces students to journalistic theory and strategic practices in news gathering, reporting, and production to prepare them for advanced level career opportunities throughout the journalism industry.

Master’s in Marketing Analytics

Master’s degree programs in marketing analytics teach students how to handle and interpret data, and transform that information into strategic marketing initiatives across different media channels.

Master’s in Marketing and Advertising

The master’s in marketing provides graduates with a strong understanding of advanced marketing principles and strategies through classes in consumer behavior and psychology, marketing metrics and analytics, brand identity, and campaign development.

Master’s in Media Management

The master’s in media management offers advanced coursework in media leadership, covering subjects ranging from organizational behavior to new media business models, strategic communication, and media ethics.

Master’s in Media Studies

Students in Master’s in Media Studies programs take courses in media theory and criticism, digital storytelling, digital media and politics, history of media, media law and ethics, media production, and global media.

Master’s in Public Relations

Master’s in public relations programs teach students to manage the relationship between organizations, stakeholders, and the public through classes in PR writing, reputation management, organizational communication, and crisis management.

Master’s in Publishing

Master’s in publishing programs prepare students to engage with every stage of the publication process across print and digital platforms through classes in publishing and editorial management, book acquisition, electronic publishing, blogging, and news publishing.

Master’s in Rhetoric

Master’s in rhetoric studies prepare students for doctoral-level studies in rhetorical criticism and theory, as well as careers in professional sectors, by teaching students the fundamentals of rhetoric, media and culture, and writing pedagogy.

Master’s in Social Media

Master’s in social media programs prepare students to manage social media content and accounts for organizations, and also teach students how social media intersects with the fields of marketing, public relations, and journalism.

Master’s in Telecommunications

The master’s in telecommunications introduces students to advanced concepts in networking, information security, and wireless communications, preparing them for career advancement throughout the telecommunications industry.

Master’s in Visual Communication

Master’s in visual and graphic communication programs provide students with an understanding of the core principles of visual language and design, preparing them for positions in academia and private industry.

Doctoral Degree Programs:

Ph.D. in Communication

The Ph.D. in communication teaches students how to use communication theory and research to analyze the relationship between communication and social, political, and economic institutions, preparing them for careers in both academic research and industry.

Ph.D. in Mass Communication

The Ph.D. in mass communications teaches students advanced mass communication theory and principles and their applications in fields such as health, politics, and journalism, preparing students for positions both within and outside of academia.

Ph.D. in Rhetoric

The Ph.D. in Rhetoric teaches students about classical and modern rhetorical theory, writing practices, and composition pedagogy and prepares them for teaching and administrative careers in writing and composition both within and outside of higher education.