At, our mission is to help students and professionals in the field of communication to advance their careers, stay apprised of developments in their discipline, and learn more about other areas of professional communication. To achieve this mission, we created our Professional Interview Series, featuring candid and detailed insights from communication professionals in such areas as advertising, public relations, strategic and organizational communication, and more. This interview series complements our Scholarly Interview Series which is designed to introduce students to communication research. Our professional interviewees have crafted unique and successful careers for themselves, and offer students advice on topics ranging from the latest technological advancements in media production and management, to how to overcome gender discrimination and promote diversity in the workplace.

Medical and Science Communication Interviews:

Interview with Monisha Arya, M.D., MPH – Medical Communications

Dr. Monisha Arya is the Founder and President of Arya Communications, a company specializing in diverse medical communication content for healthcare organizations and professionals. She is also an Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine.

Interview with Sheeva Azma, M.S. – Medical and Science Communications

Sheeva Azma is the Founder of Fancy Comma, LLC, a business specializing in medical and science writing and editing. She has worked on a variety of writing projects in medicine, the sciences, technology, government and policy, and the education sector.

Interview with Lauren Evoy Davis – Freelance Medical and Wellness Writer

Lauren Evoy Davis is a Medical and Wellness Writer who founded her own company, Lauren Evoy Davis, LLC. She has held numerous leadership positions in the medical and technical writing fields, including longstanding roles with the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Interview with Gail Flores, Ph.D. – Medical Writing

Dr. Gail Flores is the Founder and Owner of Encore Biomedical Communications, LLC, a medical communication business that specializes in oncology education content. She is also the current President of the American Medical Writers Association.

Interview with Agnella Izzo Matic, Ph.D., CMPP – Medical Communications

Dr. Agnella Izzo Matic is the owner and founder of the medical writing consulting business AIM Biomedical. She writes diverse scientific content for a variety of clients, including hospitals, medical practitioners, pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, and more.

Interview with Peter Luongo, M.D. – Medical Communications and Medical Education

Dr. Peter Luongo is Vice President of Account Services and resident M.D. at JB Ashtin, where he combines his medical training with skills in scientific writing, patient education, training and development, and marketing.

Interview with Nidhi Parekh, B.Sc. – Medical and Science Communications

Nidhi Parekh is the Founder of and principal writer for The Shared Microscope, which is a writing consultancy company specializing in educational content about important medical issues, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

Women in Communication Interviews:

Interview with Cassondra Bazelow, MPS – Senior Art Director at DDB

Cassondra Bazelow is a Senior Art Director at the New York City-based marketing and advertising agency DDB, where she oversees the development of advertising campaigns for a variety of brands. In addition, she teaches as an Adjunct Professor for CCNY’s Branding and Integrated Communications Master of Professional Studies program.

Interview with Megan Fullagar, M.P.S. – Marketing Manager at Penthera Partners

Megan Fullagar is a Marketing Manager at Penthera Partners, where she develops, implements, and oversees integrated marketing strategies for the New York City-based startup. She has held numerous leadership roles in digital and business-to-business marketing, and has a background in architecture.

Interview with Professor Karen Mallia – University of South Carolina

Karen Mallia is a Professor at the University of South Carolina, where she teaches courses in advertising, integrated campaigns, and creative leadership. She is the creator of CreateAthon@UofSC and is an author of a book on leadership principles and practices in creative industries.

Interview with Professor Nancy Tag – The City College of New York

Professor Nancy Tag is the Program Director for The City College of New York’s Branding + Integrated Communications Master of Professional Studies. She manages the program’s curriculum design, supports faculty, oversees special events, and invites guest speakers. She also advises all graduate students and teaches advanced courses in advertising within the program.