At present, there is only one master’s in communication program offered by a university in New Hampshire. Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has an Online Master of Arts in Communication with concentrations in New Media & Marketing and Public Relations. Currently, there are no campus-based programs offered by colleges in the state. In addition to SNHU’s online program, numerous out-of-state online programs accept students from New Hampshire, and may offer students a wider variety of concentration options. Southern New Hampshire University is a non-profit institution of higher education that has received regional accreditation through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

In-State Online Master’s in Communication Programs in New Hampshire

Southern New Hampshire University’s College of Online and Continuing Education offers an Online Master of Arts in Communication, with optional concentrations in New Media & Marketing and Public Relations. This program aims to train students in a wide variety of communication strategies and technologies that are applicable to careers in business, journalism, health, entertainment, education, politics, and other industries. The curriculum for this program is comprised of 36 credits, and includes core classes covering topics in media and society, communication ethics, personal branding and identity, leadership communication, message design, and strategic communication.

After completing the core classes, students can choose to take electives according to their interests, or select one of the two available concentrations. Students of the New Media and Marketing concentration take classes in communication with media technology, digital communication technologies, multi-platform communication strategies, new media campaigns, and marketing principles. The Public Relations concentration includes classes in reputation management, social media strategies, crisis communication, and integrated public relations campaigns. For their final graduation requirement, all students integrate the knowledge and skills learned in their previous classes into a new media communication campaign that allows them to develop and implement strategies to solve a communication issue in their field of interest.

Out-of-State Online Master’s in Communication Programs in New Hampshire

In addition to SNHU’s online master’s in communication program, there are numerous out-of-state online programs that accept students from New Hampshire. These options may be advantageous for those who would like to explore fields of communication outside of public relations and new media & marketing, such as communication studies, health communication, political communication, or technical communication.

Residents of New Hampshire who are interested in earning their master’s in communication online should note that some online programs do not accept students from all 50 states, due to state authorization policies and procedures. Students should consult with an admissions advisor before applying to an out-of-state program to ensure that the school accepts applicants from New Hampshire.

Additionally, some online programs require students to attend on-campus events or intensives during their enrollment. defines an online program as one that requires two or fewer in-person visits annually. Within this definition, there are master’s in communication programs that are 100% online, those that only require one campus visit for the entire program, and those that require one or two visits per year. Furthermore, while some programs allow students to choose from numerous intensives held throughout the year (or those that are offered at satellite locations for students’ convenience), others are more rigid in their scheduling of these visits (for example, a required campus-based orientation at the start of a program, or required in-person attendance for certain exams or thesis presentations). As the frequency of campus intensives vary by program, and as students are generally responsible for the travel expenses involved in attending these sessions, prospective applicants should research the campus visit requirements of any online programs they are considering to ensure that they will be able to complete these sessions if they are accepted to the program.

To help students research programs, has created a comprehensive directory of Online Masters in Communication Programs available in the United States. Learn more about online master’s in communication programs, including course delivery methods (synchronous and/or asynchronous instruction), campus intensives, research/thesis requirements, and geographical restrictions.

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