At present, only one school in Maine offers a master’s in communication program. The University of Maine’s Department of Communication and Journalism offers a campus-based Master of Arts in Communication and Mass Communication. The University of Maine is regionally accredited through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. For students who do not live near Orono, there are online master’s in communication programs that accept students from Maine.

Campus-Based Master’s in Communication Programs in Maine

The University of Maine’s Department of Communication and Journalism offers a Master of Arts in Communication and Mass Communication program with two focus areas: Communication and Media Studies. Students who select the Communication track complete core courses in rhetorical theory, communication theory, and communication research before progressing to elective courses that cover such topics as rhetorical criticism, contemporary issues in communication, interpersonal communication, mass communication, qualitative research methods in communication, organizational communication, and aesthetic communication. They then progress to courses that prepare them for further graduate studies in communication or work as communication professionals across a variety of industries and workplace environments. Students must also complete a graduate-level course in directed research or an internship course as part of their graduation requirements.

The Media Studies concentration (also referred to as their Mass Communication concentration) prepares students to engage in mass media strategy, and to analyze mass communication initiatives and their impact on communities at the local, state, national, and international levels. Students in this program complete core courses in mass communication theory, communication research, rhetorical criticism, and the history of media and mass communication. After their core courses, students select from electives that explore areas such as organizational communication, critical studies in mass communication, political communication and mass propaganda, and media ecology. As with students of the Communication concentration, students of the Media Studies/Mass Communication concentration must complete a directed research course or a graduate-level internship.

Online Master’s in Communication Programs for Residents of Maine

For students interested in online programs, there are several out-of-state schools that offer online master’s in communication programs that accept applications from residents of Maine. Students who do not live in close proximity to the University of Maine, who cannot commute to campus for personal or professional reasons, or who wish to pursue different specializations may want to explore out-of-state online options.

Prospective online students should note that not all online master’s in communication programs maybe authorized to accept students from Maine. Schools with online programs seeking to enroll students outside of their home state must first obtain authorization from the states from which they would like to admit students. Therefore, students should check with admissions offices of prospective programs for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding a school’s state authorizations status and their ability to enroll students from Maine.

Another important consideration for prospective students of online programs is campus visits, also known as campus residencies. Some, but not all, online master’s in communication programs require students to attend one or more campus visits during their enrollment. The goal of these intensives is to reinforce the concepts that students learn in their courses, and to give them the opportunity to connect with course faculty and peers. As such, these intensives tend to involve such activities as in-person lectures, seminars, exams, and learning activities, as well as career development workshops or networking events.

Online programs with a campus visit requirement vary in terms of the frequency and duration of their campus intensives. While some programs require students to attend one campus intensive annually, or to just attend one on-campus orientation at the start of their enrollment, other programs require students to attend one or two intensives every year. In addition, some programs have intensives that last 3-5 days while others last a week or longer. Finally, while most campus intensives are located at the school’s main campus, some programs offer intensives at other satellite locations. As students are typically responsible for the travel and lodging costs associated with attending these campus intensives, they should thoroughly research any campus visit requirements of the programs that interest them prior to applying.

Master’s in Communication Programs in Maine

Campus programs are defined as programs that have all of their instruction on campus, while Campus/Hybrid programs are defined as programs that blend on-campus and online/distance instruction, but whose courses are mostly campus-based. Online programs are defined as programs that are either 100% online with no campus visits, or those that require 1 to 2 campus visits per year. Online/Hybrid programs are defined as programs that require 3 to ~5 campus visits per year, with the rest of instruction taking place online.