At present, the only school in Delaware that offers a master’s in communication program is the University of Delaware (UD). For students who do not live near UD and/or who do not want to relocate for their master’s program, UD also offers an online master’s in communication program, as do numerous out-of-state schools that accept applications from residents of Delaware.

Campus-Based Master’s in Communication Programs in Delaware

The University of Delaware’s College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Communication offers a Master of Arts in Communication program that is comprised of 30 credit hours, or approximately 10 master’s level courses. Students can pursue a general degree or specialize in Interpersonal/Organizational Communication or Mass Communication. They also have four secondary areas of study in Advertising, Organizational Communication, Political Communication, and Public Relations. The core curriculum focuses on a combination of theory and research methodology, and covers topics such as communication theory, research theories and analysis, and theories of mass communication and interpersonal communication. After completing their core classes, students progress to elective courses in subjects such as business communication, intercultural communication, health communication, science communication, mass media, public relations campaign development, conflict management, persuasive communication, media ethics, media criticism, and advertising.

Students in this program have the option to either complete a master’s thesis or a comprehensive examination that covers all the topics they learned in their program. The thesis option is for students who wish to engage in scholarly research on a topic within communication, and is the ideal choice for those who wish to pursue further graduate study at the doctorate level. The comprehensive exam option is for students who are not interested in communication research and who do not intend to pursue further graduate education after their master’s degree. Students should note that, as the master’s thesis counts for course credit, students who opt for the comprehensive exam option are required to take additional elective courses to meet the credit hours required for graduation.

The University of Delaware is a non-profit educational institution that is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Online Master’s in Communication Programs for Students in Delaware

At present, the only online master’s in communication program in Delaware is the University of Delaware’s Online Master of Arts in Strategic Communication. This program features optional concentrations in Public Relations and Digital and Social Media, and includes coursework in areas such as strategic communication principles, digital media design and evaluation, campaign planning, crisis communication, reputation management, communication ethics, and persuasion. In addition to UD’s Online MA in Strategic Communication, there are several out-of-state schools that enroll students who are residents of Delaware. Individuals in Delaware who are interested in an online master’s in communication program should note that online programs seeking to admit applicants from regions outside of their state boundaries must apply for state authorizations, and due to this mandatory process, some online master’s in communication programs do not accept students from all 50 states. Prospective applicants should check with an admissions advisor before applying to an out-of-state program to ensure that the school accepts students from Delaware.

Additionally, some online programs require students to travel to campus to participate in on-campus intensives during their enrollment. These campus sessions typically entail in-person lectures and discussions, hands-on learning opportunities, and networking events. defines an online program as one that requires a maximum of two campus visits annually. However, within this definition, there are master’s in communication programs that are 100% online (no campus visits required), those that require only one on-campus orientation at the start of the program, and those that require students to attend one or two sessions yearly. Furthermore, these intensives may vary in length, with some programs asking that students spend a weekend on-campus, while others require week-long residencies. For these campus-based events, students are typically responsible for travel and lodging expenses, which are not included in a program’s tuition and overall cost estimates. Students considering an online master’s in communication program should therefore research the travel requirements of their programs of interest, and budget accordingly.

All Master’s in Communication Programs in Delaware

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