There are currently five schools in Maryland that offer a total of six master’s in communication programs, three of which are campus-based, and three of which are online. Students who select among these offerings can choose specializations such as organizational communication, public relations, and communication studies. All of the schools listed on this page are non-profit educational institutions that have been regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).

Campus-Based Master’s in Communication Programs in Maryland

Bowie State University’s Department of Communications offers a Master of Arts in Organizational Communications with concentrations in Telecommunications Policy and Public Affairs Communications. This program focuses on training students to become organizational communication leaders in corporate, non-profit, and governmental organizations, or to pursue doctorate-level studies in human communication. Students first complete core courses in organizational communication, corporate telecommunications, and communication theory and research. After completing the program’s core, students can take elective classes in conflict mediation and resolution, public relations communication, organizational publications, advertising and marketing for corporations, telecommunications and national development, and domestic telecommunications policy. Students are also required to complete a master’s thesis that investigates an issue in communication.

Notre Dame of Maryland University’s Communication Arts Department in Baltimore offers a Master of Arts in Contemporary Communication that gives students a diverse mix of experiences and skills in contemporary communication theory, creative communication strategies, and visual and computer-based communication competencies. After taking core classes in both approaches to and technologies for contemporary communication, students can choose elective courses in areas such as business communication, visual culture, media technology management, public relations management, cross-cultural communication, information systems, data management, ethics in leadership, and multimedia strategies.

Towson University’s Department of Mass Communication offers a Master of Science in Communication Management. This program prepares students for researching, designing, implementing, and assessing communication strategies in organizational settings. Students complete a set of core classes in communication theory, organizational communication and public relations, quantitative and qualitative research methods in communication, and mass communication and culture. After completing the core, students can take electives in areas such as mass media criticism, crisis communication, international communication, media ethics, literary journalism, global advertising, public relations for non-profits, and media and politics.

Online Master’s in Communication Programs in Maryland

For students who do not live near Baltimore, Bowie, Owings Mills or Towson and who do not want to relocate for graduate schools, online programs provide access to graduate education in the field of communication. They also offer students greater flexibility in terms of accessing lectures and course materials, which is important for students who cannot commute to campus for personal or professional reasons. Online programs may be ideal for students who live in Northwest Maryland (Frostburg State University does not currently offer a master’s in communication program), students who live in Gaithersburg/Rockville (the University of Maryland only offers a doctorate program in communication, the program does not accept students who are looking for a terminal masters), and students in Frederick (Hood College also does not offer a program).

(Note: There are also five schools in Washington, DC that offer master’s in communication programs for students who live closer to the District of Columbia.)

Maryland currently has three in-state schools that offer online master’s in communication programs. Stevenson University’s Owings Mills Campus offers an Online Master of Science in Communication Studies program that is only offered online. This program provides students with communication skills and an understanding of the latest communication technologies that they can apply to a role in professional communication across a variety of industries. Students take courses in communication theory and its applications, research methods and writing, interpersonal communication, conflict mediation, communication leadership, crisis communication, and communication strategies for contemporary organizations.

Notre Dame of Maryland University’s Communication Arts Department offers an Online Master of Arts in Contemporary Communication that is equivalent in course content and structure to its campus-based Master of Arts in Contemporary Communication program. In addition to in-state online programs, numerous out-of-state school offer accredited online master’s in communication programs that accept applications from residents of Maryland. Out-of-state online programs may provide students with additional specialization options compared to the programs offered by Notre Dame of Maryland University and Stevenson University.

The University of Maryland Global Campus offers an online Master of Science in Strategic Communications. This program features a project-based curriculum that hones students’ communication management skills while also preparing them to sit for two media industry certifications: the Accreditation in Public Relations certification and the Strategic Communication Management Professional certification. Courses in this program cover decisive thinking and communication across disciplines, foundations of strategic communication, communication leadership, crisis communication, and communication tactics. Students complete a final communication campaign as their capstone experience; through this capstone, students take on the role of a corporate communications director to plan, implement, and evaluate a communications plan for a real organization.

Prospective students of online master’s in communication programs should know that not all out-of-state online programs accept students from Maryland. In addition, some online programs require students to attend one or more campus visits, also known as campus intensives, during their enrollment. These intensives generally involve in-person lectures and discussions and engaging in learning activities and assessments on campus or at another location. Students who are required to attend such events are typically responsible for the associated travel expenses. For more information about online programs, their geographical restrictions, and campus visits and what they entail, please read our Online Master’s in Communication Programs resource page.

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