There are currently three schools in Oregon that offer a total of five master’s in communication programs, all of which are campus-based and offered in Portland. Among these programs, students can select concentrations in areas such as organizational communication, journalism, public relations and advertising, and human resources. All the programs featured on this page are offered by non-profit institutions of higher education that have been regionally accredited through the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

Campus-Based Master’s in Communication Programs in Oregon

Portland State University’s Department of Communication offers a Master of Science in Communication, which is a generalist program with electives that allows students to craft their own focus according to their interests. This program has a Research Track for students interested in pursuing a doctorate in communication, and a Professional Track for students who wish to work in advanced roles in communication. The Research track requires the completion of a master’s thesis, and students receive support from an advisor throughout the completion of their research paper. Students of the Professional track can choose to either take a three-part examination (two exams in theory and one in communication methods) or write a thesis as their final graduation requirement. All students take core courses in communication theory, quantitative and qualitative research methods in communication, followed by electives in areas such as intercultural and interpersonal communication, health and medical communication, political communication, urban communication, gender and race in media, and organizational and strategic communication.

Portland State’s English Department offers a Master’s in Technical and Professional Writing with an optional specialization in Technical Communication, which can be completed as either a Master of Arts or Master of Science degree. The 48-credit program is divided into three 16-credit segments (Core Courses, Electives, and Specialization), and culminates in the completion of a final portfolio. A total of four core courses are required, with options including Advanced Technical Writing, Document Design, Technical Editing, Research for Technical Communicators, and Frameworks for Technical Communication. Next, students choose four courses from a list of electives in topics such as UX Design for Technical Communicators, Writing Computer Documentation, Intellectual Property and Copyright, Copyediting, Practical Grammar, and Technical Publications Project Management. The final segment of the Technical Communication specialization involves additional coursework, as well as independent study and an internship.

The University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC) in Portland offers a Master’s in Strategic Communication that prepares students to engage with a variety of communication strategies in organizational settings. Students take core classes in mass communication and society, the foundations of strategic communication, quantitative and qualitative research methods, communication ethics for the digital age, strategic communication marketing, project management, creativity in strategic communication, financing for strategic communication, and strategic communication management. Electives that are part of this program include crisis communication, political communication, strategic social media, corporate social responsibility, brand development, and strategic communication design. Students also complete a terminal project that allows them to apply the skills they have learned to a practical issue in communication. The SOJC in Portland also offers a Master’s in Multimedia Journalism.

Note: The University of Oregon’s Eugene campus also houses a School of Journalism and Communication that offers Master’s degrees in Journalism; Advertising and Brand Responsibility; and Media Studies.

The University of Portland’s Department of Communication Studies also offers a Master of Science in Management Communication with tracks in Public Relations/Advertising and Human Resources. Students take core classes in research and writing, communication theory, advanced organizational communication, and organizational culture, followed by electives according to their chosen track. Students of the Public Relations/Advertising track take classes in marketing for non-profit organizations, applied marketing strategies, marketing research, consumer behavior, sustainability marketing, innovation and technology management, organizational communication skills, and social media and culture.

Online Master’s in Communication Programs for Residents of Oregon

At present, there are no schools in Oregon that offer online master’s in communication programs. However, there are numerous out-of-state schools that offer online graduate programs that accept students from Oregon. For students who do not live in commuting distance to Portland, online master’s in communication programs are a practical alternative to relocating for their graduate degree. Residents of Bend, Corvallis, Eugene, Medford, and Salem, for instance, may benefit from researching online master’s programs in communication.

For students interested in online programs, we have created a comprehensive directory of online master’s in communication programs. Prospective students should note that not all online programs accept online students from all 50 states due to state specific regulations. In addition, some of these programs may require students to attend one or more on-campus or in-person sessions during their enrollment. These sessions are meant to enhance online students’ learning experiences, but generally require that students devote time and financial resources to traveling to a particular location. For more information about online master’s in communication programs, their geographical restrictions, and their potential travel requirements, please refer to our Online Masters in Communication Programs page.

Directory of Master’s in Communication Programs in Oregon

All Master’s in Communication Programs in Oregon

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