At present, Nevada has two master’s in communication programs, both of which are campus-based. One is offered by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, while the other is offered by the University of Nevada, Reno. These programs offer students specializations in areas such as interpersonal communication, organizational communication, rhetorical and media studies, and conflict management. Both schools listed on this page are non-profit educational institutions that have received regional accreditation through the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Campus-Based Master’s in Communication Programs in Nevada

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ (UNLV) Department of Communication Studies offers a Master of Arts in Communication Studies with areas of study in Interpersonal Communication and Rhetorical Studies. Regardless of their concentration, students take core classes consisting of a survey of graduate communication studies, a theory of communication course, and two research methods courses. They then select elective courses according to their interests, such as classes on the rhetoric of women’s rights, public communication, the principles of persuasion, conflict management, political communication and argumentation, gender dynamics in communication, intercultural communication, theories of communication, the rhetoric of social movements, and teaching communication. For their final graduation requirement, students have three options: a master’s thesis, a comprehensive examination, or a scholarly research project.

The University of Nevada, Reno’s (UNR) Department of Communication Studies offers a Master of Arts in Communication Studies with focus areas in Interpersonal Communication, Organizational Communication, and Public Areas of Conflict Management. This program seeks to prepare students to study and apply the theories and principles of communication in both academic and corporate/industry settings. Core classes in the program include a communication research methods course, a seminar in communication theory, and one other approved communication methods course of the student’s choosing. Students then select from electives that cover topics such as the principles of persuasion, gender and communication, communication and conflict resolution, diversity and communication, and intercultural communication. In addition to their coursework, students must pass a comprehensive examination in order to graduate, and also must choose between completing a master’s thesis (Plan A track) or taking a more time-intensive and rigorous comprehensive exam (Plan B track).

Online Master’s in Communication Programs in Nevada

There are currently no schools in Nevada that offer online master’s in communication programs. However, there are a number of out-of-state schools that have online master’s in communication programs that accept applications from residents of Nevada. These programs may be ideal for students who do not live within commuting distance of UNLV or UNR and do not want to relocate for graduate school. Students should bear in mind that due to state authorizations, not all out-of-state schools offering online programs are allowed to accept students from Nevada. Students should always check with an out-of-state program before applying to ensure they accept students from their state of residence.

Furthermore, depending on the program, students may be required to attend one or more campus visits, also known as campus intensives, during their enrollment. These visits, which are typically held at a school’s main campus or at satellite locations for students who live very far away, typically involve interactive learning activities, in-person lectures and discussions, and career workshops and networking events. These visits aim to enhance students’ learning experiences during their online program, but students are typically responsible for travel logistics and costs. Therefore, individuals who are interested in out-of-state online master’s in communication programs should contact the admissions offices of their programs of interest to get more details about any travel requirements these programs may entail.

All Master’s in Communication Programs in Nevada

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