There are currently three schools in Oklahoma that offer a total of six master’s in communication programs, all of which are campus-based. Among these six programs, students can find specializations in areas such as mass communication, organizational communication, intercultural communication, and strategic communication. All of the schools listed on this page have received regional accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission and are non-profit institutions.

Campus-Based Master’s in Communication Programs in Oklahoma

Northeastern State University’s Department of Communication Studies in Tahlequah offers a Master of Arts in Communication with specializations in Communication Studies and Media Studies that prepares students for careers in communication and organizational leadership. Classes in this program cover concepts in communication research methods, communication studies, mass communication, instructional communication, rhetoric of social change, intercultural communication, communication ethics, group dynamics, rhetorical theory and criticism, and the theories of human influence. As their final graduation requirement, students must complete either a master’s thesis or a comprehensive exam.

Oklahoma State University’s Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership offers a Master of Science in Agricultural Communications at its Stillwater Campus that prepares students for advanced roles in media management for agricultural organizations. Specializations available in this program include Marketing, Mass Media, and Public Relations. Courses cover concepts in professional development in agricultural communications, the history and foundational philosophies of agricultural communications, public relations campaigns in agricultural communications, ethical issues in agriculture, and agricultural publishing.

Oklahoma State University’s School of Media and Strategic Communications offers a Master of Science in Mass Communications at its Stillwater and Tulsa campuses, with specialty tracks in Brand Communication, Global Communication, and Sports Communication. Core courses in the program are offered on the Stillwater campus, while concentration courses are offered online or through a hybrid of online and on-campus instruction on either the Stillwater or Tulsa campus. This program prepares students for leadership roles in communication in multiple organizational settings, including corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and journalism outlets. Sample courses in this program include mass communication research methods, the processes and effects of mass communication, social responsibility in mass communication, research analysis and interpretation, public relations communication methods, persuasive writing for strategic communication, copywriting and creative strategy, electronic media advertising, and strategic communication campaigns.

The University of Oklahoma’s College of Professional and Continuing Studies offers a Master of Arts in Communication at locations in both Oklahoma City and Washington, DC. This program combines online and campus-based coursework, and offers both a General Track and an Organizational Communication Track. Students of the Organizational Track take core classes in quantitative and qualitative research methods for communication, introduction to graduate studies in communication, and organizational communication. They are not required to complete a master’s thesis, but must instead complete an organizational research practicum. Students of the General Track take courses in quantitative and qualitative research methods and an introduction to graduate studies course. They can elect to complete a master’s thesis or a non-thesis graduation option. After completing their core courses, students work with their advisor and graduate committee to choose electives that match their interests and chosen specialization, which can cover topics in the history of communication theory, mass communication perspectives, conflict management, political advertising, and international communication.

The University of Oklahoma’s Department of Communication in Norman offers a Master of Arts in Communication with specializations in Intercultural/International Communication, Interpersonal Communication/Social Influence, Political/Mass Communication, Health Communication, Organizational Communication, and Communication Technology/CMC. Students take core classes in quantitative and qualitative research methods and introduction to graduate studies in communication, followed by classes specific to their concentration, such as organizational communication and research, communication for social change, health communication, mass communication perspectives, conflict management, communication and technology, social influence, risk assessment and communication, political advertising, and international communication. Students in this program have the option of completing a comprehensive examination and additional coursework, or a master’s thesis and an oral examination for their final graduation requirement.

The University of Oklahoma’s Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, also located in Norman, offers a Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication with areas of emphasis in Creative Media Production, Media Management, Journalism, and Strategic Communication (PR and Advertising). Regardless of concentration, students take core classes in conceptual issues in graduate study of journalism and mass communication, introduction to research methods in mass communication, mass communication theory, and qualitative and quantitative research methods. After they complete the core coursework, students can take electives in areas such as contemporary problems in advertising, advanced multimedia journalism, women in media, digital media strategies, documentary producing, and multimedia content management. Students of this program have three choices for their final graduation requirement: a master’s thesis that explores a scholarly inquiry in communication, a professional project that is relevant to a real-world communication issue, or a comprehensive exam. Students who choose the professional project or comprehensive exam must also take one or more professional practice courses that cover skills and concepts that are applicable to communication careers in industry.

Online Master’s in Communication Programs for Residents of Oklahoma

At present, there are no schools within the state of Oklahoma that offer online master’s in communication programs. However, residents of this state still have the option of applying to out-of-state schools that offer online degree programs. Residents of cities that are not within commuting distance to a campus-based master’s in communication program, such as Broken Arrow, Lawton, or Edmond, may find an online program to be the only option that allows them to complete their degree without relocating. Online programs may also be a good option for students who cannot commute to attend classes at an on-campus program. Students considering online programs should note that due to state authorizations, some out-of-state schools offering online programs may not be authorized to enroll online students from Oklahoma. Prospective applicants should always check with the admissions office of an out-of-state program to ensure it accepts students from their state of residence.

Depending on the online program, students may be required to attend one or more campus intensives during their enrollment. These intensives are typically held at a school’s main campus (though some schools offer intensives at satellite locations for students who live far away), and involve interactive learning activities meant to enhance students’ experience and connections with faculty and peers. Such activities may include in-person lectures and seminars, career workshops, in-person assessments and group projects, and networking events. Students are typically responsible for travel logistics and costs for attending these intensives. Therefore, students who are interested in out-of-state online master’s in communication programs should contact their programs of interest directly to get more details about any travel requirements these programs may entail. For more information about online master’s in communication programs, their geographical restrictions, and any campus intensive requirements, please reference our Online Masters in Communication Programs page.

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