The state of New Mexico is home to three schools that offer master’s degree programs in communication: Eastern New Mexico University, New Mexico State University, and the University of New Mexico. There are a total of four programs available from these universities, with three being campus-based and one offered online. Students interested in pursuing a master’s in communication in New Mexico can choose from a number of different specialized areas of study, including public relations, journalism, organizational communication, intercultural communication, political communication, rhetoric, and culture and mass communication. All of the institutions listed on this page are non-profit schools and fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Campus-Based Master’s in Communication Programs in New Mexico

Located in Portales, Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) offers a Master of Arts in Communication program through its Department of Communication. The program is primarily campus-based, but includes some online coursework. It is also available in an entirely online format (see section below for more information). Students at ENMU can choose from either a thesis or non-thesis program path. The thesis option includes 24 semester hours of coursework and a master’s thesis worth six credits. Those who select the non-thesis option complete 30 hours of coursework, along with a capstone project as their graduation requirement. The core curriculum in ENMU’s MA in Communication program consists of the following four courses, totaling 12 credit hours: Communication Research Methods, Mass Media and Society, Mass Media Criticism and Analysis, and Communication Theory. In addition to the Communication Core, students choose from a number of electives that focus on specialized areas of the field, such as public relations, journalism, or media literacy and criticism. Examples of available electives include Global Media, Rhetoric and Popular Culture, Multimedia Journalism, Directing for Television, and Management in Media.

New Mexico State University (NMSU) in Las Cruces offers a Master of Arts in Communication Studies program that features a diverse set of electives across multiple disciplines within the field of communication. Offered through the school’s Department of Communication Studies, the MA in Communication Studies entails a minimum of 36 credits, and offers students the choice between completing a thesis or a comprehensive written exam. All students take courses in communication theory and research methods, followed by seminars in interpersonal communication, organizational communication, and political communication. Students are then able to focus their studies on one of several possible topic areas, including intercultural communication, interpersonal communication, organizational communication, or political communication. Additional electives are available in topics such as health communication, leadership, persuasion, nonverbal communication, and new communication technologies, as well as from outside the Department of Communication. NMSU also gives students the opportunity to gain practical experience through department-based activities, including graduate teaching assistantships, research, and colloquia.

The University of New Mexico (UNM) offers a Master of Arts in Communication program at its Albuquerque campus. The program, which is available through the school’s Department of Communication and Journalism, can be pursued on either a full- or part-time basis, and only enrolls around 30 students at a time, allowing for a faculty-to-student ratio of one to four. Students at UNM complete core courses in areas such as communication theory and research methodology before concentrating their studies in one or two of the following areas: organizational communication, rhetoric, intercultural communication, culture and mass communication, or culture and health communication. Other specialization options may also be available, pending approval from one’s academic advisor. Classes take place in the late afternoon and evening to give students the flexibility to maintain a full-time job or other obligations. UNM’s MA in Communication program also offers teaching assistantships to help students with their financial needs, as well as opportunities to take part in research projects or internships.

Online Master’s in Communication Programs in New Mexico

In addition to the campus-based programs described above, there are online master’s in communication programs, for New Mexico students who do not live within commuting distance to ENMU, NMSU, or UNM and do not want to relocate. This includes, for example, prospective students who live in Santa Fe and do not want to commute over 60 miles to Albuquerque, as well as those located in Roswell or Southeast New Mexico. Online programs are also a good option for students with disabilities or other requirements or obligations that make it difficult to commute to campus on a weekly basis for classes.

There is currently only one school in New Mexico that offers a master’s in communication program online. Eastern New Mexico University’s online Master of Arts in Communication is designed to be completed entirely online, but students have the option to take some courses on campus, if they wish. The program uses a platform called Mediasite, as well as Skype and Audacity, to give students access to recorded lectures and connect them with professors and classmates. Online students complete the same core curriculum as their campus-based peers, and choose from the same set of specialization courses in public relations, journalism, and media literacy and criticism. They also have the option to write a thesis or complete a capstone project for their graduation requirement. For those that opt for the thesis path, ENMU uses media equipped classrooms to allow online students to defend their thesis from home.

Another option for New Mexico students interested in pursuing a master’s degree in communication online is to enroll in a program offered by an out-of-state school. Many schools in other states accept online students from New Mexico, allowing for a wider variety of choices when it comes to program options and specializations. However, not all online programs are open to students in every state, so prospective applicants should be sure to check with an admission advisor to see if they are eligible for enrollment. Additionally, some online programs require students to travel to campus throughout their studies for orientations, hands-on training, in-person lectures, networking events, or other activities. These campus-based sessions vary in length, and it is typically up to students to cover any related travel and lodging expenses. On, we classify online programs as those that require no more than two campus visits per year.

For more information about online master’s in communication programs, including a comprehensive list of online programs offered by colleges and universities in the United States, see our Online Master’s in Communication Programs page.