As part of dedication to helping students research graduate programs and careers in the field of communication, we created a section dedicated to communication case studies so that students can learn more about real projects completed by communication professionals. We hope this section will help students understand both the diverse array of projects that fall under the field of communication and the skills associated with each type of project.

Business Communication Case Studies

Crisis Communication for a Public Employee Retirement System

This case study explores the creation of a crisis communication plan and how it was used to handle a delicate situation regarding changes to an employee retirement fund. It involves strategic use of public relations, content creation, teamwork, and more.

Human Resources Communication and an Integrity Pledge

This case study examines a company HR strategy that created deep divisions throughout the organization and was ultimately unsuccessful. It deals with the creation and implementation of an Integrity Pledge meant to address issues plaguing a small business.

Strategic Communication for Floodplain Education

In this case study, a communication specialist helps spearhead a strategic communication project for a non-profit conservation collective. Their work entails collaborative project planning and evaluation, content creation, event management, and public relations.

Health Communication Case Studies

Manual for Cancer Patients

This case study follows the creation of a printed manual containing information on cancer treatments. The design process involved gathering data from treatment facilities, as well as finding the right layout to optimize patient experience.

Public Health Communications for Measles Outbreak

When a measles outbreak hits a small rural community, health professionals must figure out how to inform the public about potential risks and prevention strategies. This case study examines how the local health department responded to the crisis.

Risk Communication and Social Media Campaigns

This case study details how one risk communication organization uses social media to provide up-to-date information during a natural disaster. It includes a breakdown of the strategy employed amidst such events, as well as the training involved to prepare.

Technical Communication Case Studies

Mountain Bike Race Guide

In order to help riders navigate the logistical issues involved in an international mountain bike race, as well as the course itself, a technical writer and a usability tester research and develop a detailed guide to the event.

New Employee Training

This case study explores the creation of onboarding materials for new employees hired by a growing non-profit organization. It discusses scope and goals of the project, along with the skills needed to complete the training program.

Online Help Tool

In this case study, a technical writer is tasked with building an online tool to help employees use a new software system. This project involved interviewing staff members, designing the tool’s interface, and writing step-by-step instructions.