believes that one of the best ways to learn about a master’s in communication program is to directly consult alumni of those programs to learn from their insights and experiences. To achieve this, we developed our exclusive Alumni Interview Series. This page features detailed interviews with alumni of the University of the Incarnate Word’s Master of Arts in Communication Arts program. Through interviews with UIW graduates Marco Cadena, Auris Calvino, Megan Diaz, Jorge Jones, Sarah Tanner, Paige Wolf, and Jacqueline Zavala, prospective students can learn about this program’s curriculum structure and course content, the excellent faculty mentorship that is integrated into the program, and how graduates approached their thesis or capstone project.

The University of the Incarnate Word’s School of Media and Design offers a campus-based Master of Arts in Communication Arts that features a wide array of courses and a flexible curriculum structure, enabling students to craft their own course of study according to their interests in media and communication. To learn more about graduates’ experiences in this program and how they have applied their Master of Arts in Communication Arts to their careers, please read the interviews below.

Alumni Interviews

Interview with Auris Calvino - 2019 Graduate "The faculty from the Communication Arts department at UIW, made my experience as a graduate student unforgettable. They all helped shape me into the professional I am today, and for that, I will be forever grateful."
Interview with Jacqueline Zavala - 2018 Graduate "All the knowledge that I was able to obtain in each of my graduate classes has made a positive impact in my professional career... I am convinced that my Master´s in Communication was a great decision and I have been able to use all those experiences in my current studies and professional adventures."
Interview with Jorge Jones - 2018 Graduate "One of the things I valued the most as a graduate student was how accessible professors were with all their students. I was always encouraged to talk to them after class or visit them in their office to clear any doubts on whatever it was we were learning at the time. In my experience, those short 5-10 minute conversations I had with them evolved into a valuable relationship I still have with them to this day."
Interview with Kristina DeLeon - 2014 Graduate "I know at the University of Incarnate Word that I can always go back to the faculty and the staff there and get help anytime I need. I consider them to be family, because of the way they supported and encouraged me during my college and graduate school years, and even now as an adjunct."
Interview with Marco Cadena - 2019 Graduate "UIW’s disposition to allow students to use their software, computers, cameras, equipment, offices, and classrooms to complete any type of school project is also very helpful. This all allowed me to work on my capstone late at night and early mornings without any complication."
Interview with Megan Diaz - 2017 Graduate "My study abroad semester was one of the most impactful experiences I had with this program, easily! […] I had to learn to adapt to other people, and even how to communicate like them (as much as possible). It goes back to the communication model of how words and expressions should be delivered and received, and the program threw me out there to live that."
Interview with Paige Wolf - 2019 Graduate "The experiences I had and the connections I made throughout graduate school have been extremely helpful in my career path. Of course, the academia side of graduate school teaches skills, knowledge, and research work, but the actual 'do-it-yourself' experiences are where I learned the most. Through internships, thesis research, and networking, I created connections that have aided my professional career."
Interview with Sarah Tanner - 2019 Graduate "Although there were many tangible skills that I have either improved or acquired, I think my greatest takeaway from the program is this sense of empowerment in myself and in my work. Having a Master’s degree is no easy feat, but it is an incredibly rewarding challenge that has empowered me to promote myself and fight for higher level job opportunities that truly excite me."