This page features in-depth interviews with three graduates of the Master of Arts in Communication Studies program at the University of Northern Iowa in Ceder Falls. In an effort to help prospective students learn more about the school’s MA program, we asked UNI alumni Scott Bredman, Millie Njezic, and Montana Smith to share some insights about their experience pursuing the degree and how it impacted their careers. They also gave us a detailed look at the process involved in completing their thesis, as well as some advice for students considering a graduate degree in communication.

Available through the Department of Communication Studies, UNI’s MA program offers a wide range of specialization options, with areas of emphasis in Communication Education, General Communication, Mass Communication, Organizational Communication, Human Resources, Performance Studies, or Public Relations. For a closer look at this degree, check out the interviews below.

Alumni Interviews

Interview with Millie Njezic - 2018 Graduate "UNI’s MA program would not be nearly as great if it wasn't for the amazing culture it fosters. The faculty consists of intelligent and approachable professors who encourage you to develop relationships with your peers as well as with the faculty. I graduated knowing that I have several faculty members and students who I now consider friends. The advice and connections which grew out of those relationships proved to be useful for job hunting as well."
Interview with Montana Smith - 2016 Graduate "One reason I loved UNI’s program so much is because the faculty allow you to cater research and course assignments to your interests. They are open to making the classes fit you as much as possible... The faculty realizes that students do not have the same background or interests moving forward and take that into account. I was able to apply my own personal skills to my assignments, which made the courses more engaging and meaningful."
Interview with Scott Bredman - 2016 Graduate "One of the true strengths of the MA program in Communication Studies at UNI was the faculty’s dedication to preparing students for whatever path they chose upon graduation, be it entering the private sector or continuing in academia."