There are a number of different master’s in communication degree tracks students can pursue at the University of Denver. This page features interviews with three graduates from the school’s Master of Arts in Media and Public Communication program, offered by the Department of Media, Film, and Journalism Studies. To help prospective students learn more about this unique program, we asked DU alumni Adam Mohrbacher, Carley St. Clair, and Michal Varga a range of in-depth questions related to their experience completing the degree, as well as the program’s capstone internship experience.

DU’s MA in Media and Public Communication offers students the choice between two specialization options (Media and Globalization or Strategic Communication), enabling them to customize their course plan based on specific career interests. For an inside look at the program and the type of careers one might pursue with this degree, check out the interviews below.

Alumni Interviews

Interview with Adam Mohrbacher - 2016 Graduate "I took away many things due to being involved in the Media, Film and Journalism Department at the University of Denver. One of the biggest was a strong understanding of media and communication theory, particularly regarding putting together strategic communications plans, understanding the methodology of persuasion and grappling with the unique challenges of communicating across cultures and nations."
Interview with Carley St. Clair - 2016 Graduate "I believe the strategic approach that the program taught me is the most helpful tool that I learned in my time at DU. Each individual course, from branding and media law to communication theory and community practicum, gave me an opportunity to apply this strategic approach... It is the combination of my network and strategic approach that makes me sure I made the right choice in my graduate program."
Interview with Michal Varga - 2016 Graduate "The focus on the development of strategic thinking has been instrumental in my growth as a communication professional. Whenever I intend to propose any communication strategy, I remember the framework taught in class, that allows me to look at every idea critically and make sure that it makes sense in the overall communication strategy."