This page featured interviews with two graduates of the University of Connecticut’s Master of Arts in Communication program. To give prospective students an inside look at this two-year degree path, we asked UConn alumni Adam Rainer and Seth McCullock to describe their experience completing the master’s, as well as what initially drew them to the program. They offered a range of insights into the program’s curriculum structure, its capstone thesis requirement, and how earning an MA has impacted their careers post-graduation.

The Master of Arts in Communication program at the University of Connecticut allows students to design a plan of study that aligns with their career interests, offering specialization tracks in fields such as Communication Theory, Marketing Communication, and Organizational Communication. To hear more about this program from two recent grads, check out the interviews below.

Alumni Interviews

Interview with Adam Rainear - 2016 Graduate "I believe UConn’s focus on new technology, in addition to how open the research is (across faculty, labs, etc.) were most helpful to me. Being able to dive right into research and be a part of a lab teaches you so much about both communication research, but also how to work in a collaborative and creative environment."
Interview with Seth McCullock - 2018 Graduate "Thanks to UConn’s program, I was able to find the subject that I was passionate about researching and then was provided with the tools to actually inquire about those communicative issues in order to help develop new understanding. Now that I am working on my Ph.D., I am finding that the foundational skills that I acquired through UConn’s program have been tremendously helpful in transitioning to my new program."