About Jasmine Hunter, M.S.: Mrs. Hunter is a Communication Specialist at Southern University and A&M College – Baton Rouge, where she focuses on strategic communications, public relations, and event management. She also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Alabama State University, where she teaches a course in public relations case studies and helps students build skills and strategies for handling public relations problems. She also develops and assesses student assignments that test their knowledge of crisis management and public and media relations. Prior to her current work, Ms. Hunter was a Communications Specialist at Girl Scouts Louisiana East. She has also worked as a Membership Specialist at Girl Scouts Louisiana East -Pines to the Gulf, and as a District Recruiter for Alabama State University.

Mrs. Hunter earned her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations – Communication with an English Writing minor in 2012, and her Master of Science in Strategic Communication from Troy University in 2015.

Interview Questions

[MastersinCommunications.com] Could you please elaborate on your current position as a Communications Specialist for Southern University and A&M College-Baton Rouge? What are your primary responsibilities in these roles? How does your current job as a Communications Specialist differ from your previous role at Girl Scouts Louisiana East?

[Jasmine Hunter, M.S.] My responsibilities for my current position as Communications Specialist for Southern University are media relations, social media, and public relations. Within a given week, I send out event and activity information to the campus community, foster relationships with the media, and facilitate campus visits with stakeholders. This position is in line with my long-term goal of being a director of communications for a university. This position differs from my previous role only in the fact that they are in different industries. I loved working for Girl Scouts, but higher education is a better fit. The crisis that I come in contact with in each role differ due to the environment and organization.

[MastersinCommunications.com] Why did you decide to pursue a Master’s in Communication and why did you ultimately choose Troy’s Master of Science in Strategic Communication program?

[Jasmine Hunter, M.S.] I decided to pursue my Masters at Troy because of the curriculum, reviews, and cost of the program. The curriculum was very similar to what I had studied during my undergraduate career at Alabama State University. I knew the types of responsibilities that I wanted in a potential career. I knew that I wanted to be a brand ambassador and be responsible for social media and public relations for an organization. These classes would give me the knowledge and experience I needed to succeed. The entire program made me excited to want to learn more and be able to excel in my career goals.

When I did my research on which program I wanted to enroll in, I compared the classes and costs. Troy won hands down. Several students that I knew said the program was top notch. The student experience is crucial, in my opinion, to finding a great school and program.

Cost is important to me as I was going to have to take out loans to complete this endeavor. The financial aid made it easy to complete forms and receive awards.

[MastersinCommunications.com] How is Troy University’s program structured, and what concepts did the program emphasize? What skills and strategies did you learn in your classes, and how did you apply them to course assignments?

[Jasmine Hunter, M.S.] The program is 10 classes, 9 week semesters, and can be completed in a year. Because I worked full-time and had a job that required heavy traveling, I started out taking one class a semester for a few semesters. This helped me with getting acclimated to being back in school. The professors are tough, but fair.

The assignments tested my knowledge from my assigned reading and caused me to think about how I would solve a crisis or a particular issue while in the field. Since I had my degree in communications, I felt that I had prior awareness of some of the concepts and skills that the professors expected of us, such as public relations and communications terms and skills. This, in turn, has helped me succeed in the field. The good thing was the students who did not have prior communications education didn’t feel left out or behind.

[MastersinCommunications.com] Could you please elaborate on your experiences in Troy’s online Master’s of Science in Strategic Communication program? Were courses mostly synchronous or asynchronous and how accessible were instructors outside of the classroom? What academic and career support services were available for students of this online program?

[Jasmine Hunter, M.S.] While in the program, I abided by the suggested order of which the classes were arranged. Not every class was offered each semester. Usually, from my memory, I think there were at least 7 classes offered each semester. I felt that the classes were needed were offered at great times during my time in the program. Within the listing, you could view a description of the course if you wanted to know more about it.

The professors had convenient office hours where we could contact them via phone or email. To me, email was more convenient because I could refer back to them for specific instructions or a breakdown of what was being asked.

[MastersinCommunications.com] What key takeaways, experiences, or connections from Troy’s Master of Science in Strategic Communication have you found to be the most helpful for you in your career path?

[Jasmine Hunter, M.S.] The program in its entirety has been helpful in my career path. Whether it was strategic communications, communications law, or social media, I have used several concepts and readings in my current position. After earning my degree, I was offered an inline adjunct instructor position with my Alma Mater. I reference some of the concepts and readings that were used in my present classes.

Combining my master’s and bachelor’s careers, I truly feel competent and experienced to succeed in the public relations field.

[MastersinCommunications.com] What advice would you give students just starting Troy’s MS in Strategic Communication program? More broadly, what advice would you give students who are either considering or starting a Master’s in Communication program, whether it be at Troy or another university?

[Jasmine Hunter, M.S.] I highly recommend this program to anyone with or without previous communications knowledge or experience. Because of the way it was designed and is structured, it is a perfect complement to pretty much any degree. Careers require some level of public relations and strategic communications. This will help in that instance.

Thank you, Mrs. Hunter, for your insight into Troy University’s Online Master of Science in Strategic Communication program!