South Dakota State University’s (SDSU) School of Communication and Journalism offers several different degree tracks for students interested in earning a master’s in communication. This page provides an in-depth look at the school’s online Master of Mass Communication (MMC) program. We interviewed SDSU alumni Ashley Granby Wolf, Sherianne Hermes, Jessica McLain, and Charean Williams, who all graduated from the MMC program between 2016 and 2018, to find out their thoughts on the degree and why they chose to pursue their master’s online.

The Master of Mass Communication program at SDSU can be completed entirely online and gives students the option of two different capstone experiences: a professional project or additional coursework. To learn more about the degree from actual program graduates, check out the interviews below.

Alumni Interviews

Interview with Ashley Granby - 2017 Graduate "I chose South Dakota State University because the program had health-related courses leading to a Health Journalism certificate which spoke to my desire to strengthen my health communication skills. Additionally, the program was completely online, and as an Air Force spouse, enrolling in a face-to-face program can be difficult when you’re not guaranteed staying in one place."
Interview with Charean Williams - 2018 Graduate "I learned something in every class, but the media law class, the crossplatform storytelling class and the media management class were particularly beneficial, considering how much things have changed in 30 years as it relates to the internet, social media and multimedia."
Interview with Jessica McLain - 2018 Graduate "I found that I have become a better at communicating my thoughts and ideas in writing because of needing to do so every week as part of discussion posts. This is incredibly useful and important since I work for a company that uses email, online programs, and instant messaging for the majority of its communications. Face to face just isn’t as common anymore outside of my direct peers. Having to exclusively communicate with my fellow students online really challenged and fostered written communication skills."
Interview with Sherianne Hermes - 2018 Graduate "Cross-platform storytelling and cross-platform campaigns have proven to be invaluable for my professional career goals. A solid understanding of applying concepts using technology, manipulating technology, preparing and executing a social media campaign plan were key in my capstone and beyond. SDSU courses pushed me to reach goals I had never imagined academically, professionally, and personally."