North Carolina State University has two master’s in communication programs for students to choose from: a Master of Science in Communication and an MS in Technical Communication (MSTC). This page features interviews with three graduates of the MSTC program, who gave us an inside look at their experience pursuing the degree and completing their capstone project. Along with a detailed breakdown of the program and its structure, NC State alumni Arthur Berger, Nupoor Jalindre, and Sree Pattabiraman also offered some helpful advice for students considering the MSTC or any master’s degree in communication.

Available through the school’s Department of English, the MSTC program offers students the opportunity to focus their studies in areas such as Web Design and Development, Environmental Communication, Medical/Health Communication, Training and Development, Organizational Information Systems, or Agricultural Communication. To learn more about the program and how it might help your career, check out the interviews below.

Alumni Interviews

Interview with Arthur Berger - 2017 Graduate "The biggest thing that I’ll take away from the program with me are the relationships that I’ve made: with the faculty (I’m still in touch and bouncing ideas off them!), with my peers (some of my best friends are from the program, and I work with many of them), and with people I met throughout the program. In fact, I landed my current job through a mentor I met while at NC State MSTC."
Interview with Nupoor Jalindre - 2017 Graduate "Being from a technology background, I was keen on getting a Master of Science degree. The MS in Technical Communication at North Carolina State University is one of the few programs in the United States that offers an MS degree. Most of them offer a Masters in Arts. I looked through the profiles of researchers at the college as well. I was amazed at the work of Dr. Carolyn Miller, Dr. Huiling Ding, and Dr. Jason Swarts and how much it resonated with the kinds of projects that I was working on at that time."
Interview with Sree Pattabiraman - 2015 Graduate "One of the things that made me pick North Carolina State University for the MSTC program was the course structure. It was one of the very few courses that gave equal importance to theory and practical courses and offered the flexibility to pick electives in any branch of technical communication that a student wanted to pursue."