To help students better research their options for pursuing a master’s degree in communication, we conducted interviews with graduates of different programs around the country. This page features alumni from the Master of Arts in Digital Communication and Media Arts (DCMA) program at DePaul University in Chicago. DCMA graduates Taylor McDade, Jenny Montagne, and Monika Sziron not only gave us an inside look at their experience completing the degree and its capstone requirements, but also offered some helpful advice for those considering the program or any master’s in the field.

A joint offering from DePaul’s College of Communication and College of Computing and Digital Media, the DCMA program gives students the option of two different degree tracks, focusing on Digital Communication or Media Arts. For a closer look at this unique program, check out the interviews below.

Alumni Interviews

Interview with Jenny Montagne - 2018 Graduate "The emphasis on skill-building across technology and practice appealed to me, and the number of resources available to students in faculty, tools, and lab space made it stand out among other programs."
Interview with Monika Sziron - 2017 Graduate "The key highlights that I think of in regards to my time at DePaul include the faculty and my peers. The faculty at DePaul were a huge asset for me and my education. My professors were thoughtful, caring, and inspiring, and their courses were pleasantly challenging. My peers were also great. I found that a majority of the students with me in the program were supportive, hard-working, and genuine."
Interview with Taylor McDade - 2017 Graduate "The group-focused curriculum proved immensely useful to me in helping me build my confidence in a group setting and hold my own. More than anything, the people I encountered on my way through the program made the longest lasting impression. Each and every person I encountered was insightful and eager to learn and support others ‒ peers and faculty alike. I am eternally grateful for that."