This page features interviews with four alumni of The City College of New York’s Master of Professional Studies in Branding + Integrated Communications (BIC) program. In order to provide students with an in-depth look at this unique program, we asked CCNY graduates Megan Fullagar, Javier Garcia, Alexandra Suazo, and Dhvani Unadkat to share why they chose to pursue this degree, their experience in the program, how it has impacted their careers, and more. Below you will find their answers, as well as helpful advice for students considering the BIC program or a master’s in communication in general.

CCNY’s Department of Media and Communication Arts offers their Master of Professional Studies in Branding + Integrated Communications with specializations in Management/Planning, Creative, or Public Relations. The program can be completed in two years with classes in the late afternoons and evening for working professionals.

Alumni Interviews

Alexandra Suazo - 2017 Graduate "The best thing you can do for your career is work with as many different types of people varying in ages, cultures, and professional backgrounds and I had that in CCNY’s BIC program. The first graduating class had students from something like six different countries — learning different types of work ethic and how to handle different types of personalities has continued to be foundational in my leadership skills throughout my career."
Dhvani Unadkat - 2017 Graduate "The biggest takeaway from the BIC program that helped with my career path is understanding consumer rationale and values before thinking about even a small tactic. My course of communications planning helped me gain this skill. This one skill has helped me at my work place the most and I am most praised because of this level of intricate thinking."
Javier Garcia - 2015 Graduate "The incredible faculty and staff at City College’s BIC program have continued to serve as my mentors and role models for both my career in higher education and as a builder of people (including my students and professional peers) and brands. My investment on attending BIC continues to pay off in dividends to this day, and I have no doubt it will continue to pay off for years to come."
Megan Fullagar - 2016 Graduate "Another great advantage of being in the BIC program is that its professors are also working professionals. It seemed that I was able to have a direct connection to those working in a very competitive and fast-moving industry. The program boasted hands-on opportunities, and the chance to work with real clients, in a very collaborative and multifaceted environment."