There is one school in Montana that currently offers a master’s in communication program. The University of Montana’s main campus in Missoula offers a Master of Arts in Communication Studies program that can be completed on-campus. The University of Montana is a non-profit institution that has received regional accreditation through the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

Campus-Based Master’s in Communication Programs in Montana

The University of Montana’s College of Humanities and Sciences’ Department of Communication Studies offers a Master of Arts in Communication Studies that prepares students for improving channels of communication between organizations and the public, and for developing and improving communication plans. Students in this program complete core classes in communication research methodology, rhetorical criticism, and qualitative research methods in communication. They are then required to complete several elective courses in areas such as non-profit organizational communication, technology in communication, interpersonal communication, conflict mediation, health communication, risk and crisis communication, activism and political advocacy, science communication, legal communication, and rhetorical criticism.

Online Master’s in Communication Programs for Residents in Montana

At present, there are no schools in Montana that offer online master’s in communication programs. However, numerous out-of-state schools have online master’s in communication programs that accept applications from residents of Montana. For individuals who do not live near the University of Montana’s main campus in Missoula, or who would like the scheduling flexibility that online education afford, an online program may be a viable option. This is also true for students who are interested in specializing in a field of communication not offered by the University of Montana.

Some, but not all, online programs require students to attend on-campus sessions, which are multi-day events that are held on the school’s main campus or at a different location. During these events, students typically participate in in-person lectures and discussions, learning activities, practical assessments, and career development workshops. Programs vary in terms of how many campus visits they require students to attend, when during the year they hold these events, and how long each visit lasts. Furthermore, students are typically responsible for the travel costs associated with attending these campus events. As a result, students who are interested in programs that require campus visits should research these requirements thoroughly to see whether the travel requirements work with their personal and professional obligations, as well as their budget. For a program to be classified as online on, it must require two or fewer campus visits per year.

All Master’s in Communication Programs in Montana

Campus programs, Campus/Hybrid programs, Online programs (fully online to 2 campus visits per year), Hybrid-Online programs (3 to ~5 campus visits per year)

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